Transform Lives with GoTeam

T4 Global’s GoTeam is a nationwide endurance team made up of everyday individuals who participate in endurance events on behalf of the illiterate worldwide.

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Who We Help

About two-thirds of people in our world don’t read – instead, they are oral learners and they learn by listening. In the Third World, the percentage is even higher – if you hand people a Bible or a piece of paper with basic health and hygiene information on it, many are unable to benefit from that gift.

The Impact of GoTeam

GoTeam is a critical element of T4 Global’s mission to reach these oral learners. Our vision for GoTeam is to provide a pipeline of financial resources so that these oral learners can hear the truth.

In oral cultures, people learn from methods used via their oral traditions throughout the generations. T4 Global is passionate about helping people in these cultures learn information via recordings in their own language on MP3 players or cell phones. This information can be from the Bible, but also encompasses community development information about HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment, clean water/sanitation, basic health and hygiene, etc.

Through GoTeam, volunteers of all ages will participate in endurance events to raise awareness and funds to help T4 Global meet the needs of these unreached people.

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If you have any questions or need more information, please contact:
Ed Weaver, T4 Global CEO, at 214-205-4245 or eweaver (at)
Christian Toews, GoTeam Manager, at 214-797-8920 or christiantoews (at)