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Reports from Bihar

“The Audio Bible was distributed and Angika speaking people listened to the songs, drama and God’s word and were very happy to receive the information regarding God and his Word. Through the Audio Bible, 5 families have accepted the Lord and they are attending the church too.” Continue reading

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A dog is a dog is a dog

DOG. What comes to mind when you hear that word? My wife and I love big dogs. The first 3 we had were Great Danes. And yes, they were inside dogs. Then we had a giant schnauzer – all 105 pounds of her. Most recently we adopted an American Bulldog named Zeus from a dog rescue organization. He is the … Continue reading

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Walking God’s Path – Visual to Audio

I’m J.R.  My path to T4 Global was truly a God thing. In September 2008, I attended the  International Orality Network conference for the first time. There I was challenged with the fact that 2/3 of the world cannot or will not read or prefer to learn orally.  There I reconnected with my long-time friend Ed Weaver who told me … Continue reading

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