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Mobile Schools

A T4 Global mobile school is a new kind of community-based “distance learning” program. It is not a brick and mortar facility, but an audio device. Instead of people coming to a building, the “school” goes to the people. Oral learners gather around the audio device in a hut, under a tree, by a well, or in the village center. As a small group, they listen, discuss and take action together in response to the audio training.

T4 Global does not create small groups for learning. Rather we find where groups already gather and simply commission them as mobile schools. There might be dozens of mobile schools sprinkled throughout a community.

A mobile school consists of the following:

  1. The School: the “mobile teacher”, a simple audio technology introduced by a community’s trusted and reliable leaders.
  2. The Classroom: a place where people already gather.
  3. The Content Courses: an oral library of a variety of collaborative modular audio chips.
  4. The Teachers: trained mentors using collective learning methodologies.
  5. The Learning Process: collective listening to a consistent message, collective discussion, collective repeat listening, collective learning, and collective application.
  6. The Cascade Effect: learners discussing what they have learned with others which produces a self-replicating, trainer of trainers (TOT) strategy that cascades out to others in the community and beyond.

The specific components of a mobile school vary depending on the context and the latest trends in technology. We do not rely on a specific technology solution; rather we rely on a delivery methodology that maximizes learning for oral communicators.