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Making the Devil Tremble

As I was reading the news about Jos today I thought back to my visits and the beauty I have seen there. Jos has been known as a place of peace and tourism – but not today. Two bombs were detonated near central Jos on Sunday night. No one was killed in the attack, but more than 100 have lost … Continue reading

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Jos on Knife’s Edge

The bombing of the UN headquarters in Abuja on August 26, 2011 struck close to home for me. A good friend who works for UNICEF was in the building when the suicide bomber drove his car through 2 security barricades and into the first floor of the building before detonating the bomb. She escaped unharmed in what she described to … Continue reading

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A dog is a dog is a dog

DOG. What comes to mind when you hear that word? My wife and I love big dogs. The first 3 we had were Great Danes. And yes, they were inside dogs. Then we had a giant schnauzer – all 105 pounds of her. Most recently we adopted an American Bulldog named Zeus from a dog rescue organization. He is the … Continue reading

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A Missionary in India: Off the Corporate Ladder and into God’s Kingdom

In Ghana I found growing churches using Scripture stories, songs and dramas in places where years of Western-taught preaching methods had failed. People slept during sermons then woke up when a storyteller began simply telling God’s story. Energized crowds listened, sang, drummed and danced joyfully. Their lives were changing. Continue reading

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Nigeria: Beyond peace to its Prince

What Nigeria needs is beyond peace. They need the Prince of Peace. The Christmas Eve preparations in Jos Nigeria were shattered as 5 terrorists bombs exploded in predominantly Christian areas of the city. More bombs were set off on Christmas day with gangs of youth responding by burning houses in the Muslim areas of the city. At least 38 people … Continue reading

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Well – Ed Weaver and JR Whitby have been to Nigeria and back; Mark Overstreet and board member Bruce Lowe have been to Kenya and back.  The Nigeria trip was to wrap up some details relative to Phase I and to begin kicking off Phase II of continued evangelism and outreach in the northern states. Additional partners to expand the … Continue reading

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Moving Fast

June has been a month of busy-ness already.  Tim and Susie Brown have joined us from Scriptures in Use, and Mark Overstreet, PhD has joined us to head up pastor/leader training and provide leadership in strategy and development.  Already with us in an increasing capacity has been JR Whitby, former CEO of Gospel Communications, currently overseeing three programs and soon … Continue reading

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Downtown Ouga

The view from my hotel room of Ouagadougou (WAH-gah-DOO-goo) the capital of Burkina Faso. Reminded me of Accra, except flatter and the food is better. A word to the wise: stay away from the Bleu Cheese. The good folks at Purdue University are working on a four-stage protocol to protect cow peas (we’d call them black-eyed peas) from Maruca vitrata, … Continue reading

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Waiting for Good News

The women of Pram Pram live from the proceeds of the fishing harvest. When the men cannot get enough income the women must resort to anything that can bring income for their children. Therefore, HIV/AIDS is a growing problem, and the Anglican Church of West Africa is beginning an effort to reach these people with good news that HIV can … Continue reading

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