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How beautiful the feet…

How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of the messenger bringing good news,
Breaking the news that all’s well,
proclaiming good times, announcing salvation,
telling Zion, “Your God reigns!” Continue reading

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On the right path?

Traveling recently to visit a village in eastern Bihar state, India, our hosts had to make a decision. Try to push through this mud spot on the road in the mission’s 4-wheel-drive vehicle? Or have us walk to the village about  2 km away using the narrow dry path that the local people use? As good guests we waited for … Continue reading

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Live Daringly

Live daringly. Those words ring in my ear every day.  I was in a conversation recently that spurred me to live more daringly.  It seems I’m in those kinds of conversations often these days. Because of what I do around the world, it is humbling to work with men and women who risk life and limb to carry Truth into … Continue reading

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Learning from an oral learner

We all start life as oral learners. When we’re in Tucson I’m fortunate to have our 5-year-old grandson, Julian, at the house a lot. He’s always helping me better understand oral learners. This week he was watching the Bee Movie when I walked into the room. “How big is the head of a pin?” Julian asked. “Very small.” “So a … Continue reading

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Heading the right direction?

Flying from Tucson to Indianapolis this week I found it interesting that our granddaughter, 11, was very interested in using a compass application on my phone. She set it on her armrest and checked frequently to make sure the pilots was flying the plane east toward Indiana where her cousins, aunts and uncles live. Today I discovered there’s a compass … Continue reading

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Shortcuts are tempting. This spring a shortcut over a mountain turned into an extra long drive in northwest India. We didn’t know the mountain road was being widened this year. It was interesting to see how road construction projects are completed in India. We passed men using hand tools to break large rocks into smaller rocks. Sometimes we had to … Continue reading

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Roadside Entrepreneurs

This week I’ve been thinking about roadside shop owners I saw in May during my last visit to India. One man focused on tire repairs. Looking inside his shop it was clear he was willing to tackle anything that might have gone wrong with a car, bus or truck on its way up the mountain. Maybe among his supply of … Continue reading

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Our load may be heavy, but the journey isn’t lonely

  In May I spent a week in India on mountain roads traveling around Himachal Pradesh state. We were meeting with language teams translating Scripture and creating cultural songs, dramas and poems for recording. One image etched in my mind is of this man we passed. As our car climbed higher I leaned out the window to photograph him walking. … Continue reading

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Prayers Have Results on a Christian Mission in India

We are riding in auto rickshaws more often than on any of our previous trips in India. In Patna this week, every morning Dwarika, Arjun (our teammates from Nepal), Susie and I would catch an auto ride to the Catholic Center where our meetings were held. In the afternoon, there was the ride back to the guest house. Then in … Continue reading

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Back from Punjab, ready for Bihar

Well – Tim, Susie, Dwarika, Arjun and Ed made it back after midnight to the train station in Delhi after 3 days with Dr. Alex Abraham in Ludhiana, Punjab. We have a short night ahead of us prior to our flight to Bihar tomorrow – 3 hours in the air, 3 hours in the car. Should make for a fun … Continue reading

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