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Reports from Bihar

“The Audio Bible was distributed and Angika speaking people listened to the songs, drama and God’s word and were very happy to receive the information regarding God and his Word. Through the Audio Bible, 5 families have accepted the Lord and they are attending the church too.” Continue reading

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Happiness is hearing

I can’t speak for everyone but my experience is that hearing someone speak my language when I’m surrounded by folks speaking other languages quickly grabs my attention. So I can understand the broad smiles that come when folks hear recordings of Scripture stories for the first time in their own language. Especially when their language is a minority language not … Continue reading

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Walking God’s Path – Visual to Audio

I’m J.R.  My path to T4 Global was truly a God thing. In September 2008, I attended the  International Orality Network conference for the first time. There I was challenged with the fact that 2/3 of the world cannot or will not read or prefer to learn orally.  There I reconnected with my long-time friend Ed Weaver who told me … Continue reading

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My name is Ed Weaver and I am technically the leader of the band of brothers and sisters that make up T4 Global.  By way of introduction, I am from a background of business – mostly in technology, such as software and hardware product management, business development and sales/marketing.  I think like an entrepreneur and sometimes act like one too. … Continue reading

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This is a topic of discussion that is near and dear to our hearts, as well as to our partners – both on the ground and in the donor community.  It is a critical component of our ministry and yet it is the one we wish could be invisible at the same time.  As I say to on-the-ground partners, the … Continue reading

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Our Technology

The Gadget. The Gizmo. The Poor Man’s iPod. The SOS audio player. Our basic technology platform is known by many names, and that’s just fine with us. We could not do what we do without the MT4 players, yet it is not ultimately what we do. Perhaps a word of explanation is order. Technology is always changing. Ask anyone who … Continue reading

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Southern Sudan

[youtube=]Recently Bishop Elias Taban was interviewed describing the incredible impact of the T4 Global project in Southern Sudan. Our pilot project placed 500 MT4 mobile schools in Central Equatorial State. Bishop Taban calls the MT4 project “one of the most successful projects ever done in Southern Sudan.” Bishop Taban wants MT4 devices on the ground in all 10 states in … Continue reading

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Tales from the Road

Did you know that a Macbook Pro on battery power has enough illumination to get ready at 530am in the complete dark in Northeastern Bangladesh when the power goes out in a storm? That includes packing the suitcase and computer case. I can’t think of anything I forgot…..

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Home of our SD Cards

Home of our SD Cards Originally uploaded by t4global In case you’d like to see some of the places where we buy our technology, this is the SD card manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. Most of the workers are at lunch, but there are a few still here on this shift.

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