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Reports from Bihar

“The Audio Bible was distributed and Angika speaking people listened to the songs, drama and God’s word and were very happy to receive the information regarding God and his Word. Through the Audio Bible, 5 families have accepted the Lord and they are attending the church too.” Continue reading

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The Whole Counsel of God, Part II

A few months ago, I heard about Music Inspired by The Story.  I immediately bought it via iTunes, accidentally saw The Story Tour while in Grand Rapids in December (I should say unexpectedly), bought DVDs for my entire team here at T4 Global and have listened to the Music almost every day since. I’ve been touched by Nichole Nordeman’s ability … Continue reading

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Was the battery really dead?

I drive an older pickup truck, 179,000 miles (264,463 kilometers) but running well most days. On the way today to attend a city-wide meeting about Streetlight Tucson ( and efforts to eradicate human trafficking in our city, my truck stalled in the middle of a busy street. The battery wouldn’t re-start the engine. CLICK CLICK CLICK ……not a VOOM VOOM VOOM to … Continue reading

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The Whole Counsel of God

The work we do around the world requires us to be thoughtful of the information we disseminate. In Acts chapter 20, Paul sent for the elders of the church at Ephesus.  This was the last time he was to see them and he gave them final instructions.  Included in this bold proclamation is a phrase that has been a theme … Continue reading

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Technology changing things

Technology is changing how people around the world hear, read and consider the Good News! For more than 4 Billion people in the world who are oral learners, the Bible is being recorded in many languages and distributed using various technologies to play the recordings. Oral learners are people who haven’t learned to read AND people who have learned to … Continue reading

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Challenges of translation

Two funny stories illustrate the challenges of translation when speaking to a crowd that doesn’t share your mother tongue. It’s stories like these that reinforce the great need for the accurate mother-tongue tellings of Scripture and social development information that T4 Global mother-tongue translation teams are working to develop. When translations are recorded and CHECKED the result is accurate communication … Continue reading

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The power of small

This morning I’m reminded of the power of small. It’s been cold at night in Tucson and recently the furnace began some new noises. I decided to investigate before calling my friend who fixes furnaces. This morning I disconnected the flue to look down into the blower cage where the noise was coming from – that’s where the small blower … Continue reading

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Modern parable?

Many T4 Global content developers around the world see the three “lost” parables Jesus told in Luke chapter 15 – lost sheep, lost coin and lost son – as key Scripture passages to translate so they can tell them in their own language as stories, songs, dramas and proverbs. Today I’m wondering if American “sports” culture has a modern parable … Continue reading

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It’s Like the Wind, Nic

We went to the beach Sunday. Our church family had a gathering of fun, fellowship, volleyball, swimming, conversation, s’mores and worship. West Michigan’s sandy shoreline is spectacular in the summer. A cool north wind was blowing and it felt good in the warm afternoon sun. I brought my kite in case someone told me to go fly one. I have … Continue reading

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Stories, stories, everywhere!

Sunday, August 7, I was in Matthews, NC to see Pat Murdock at Elevation Church.  Pat had agreed to meet with me that weekend, but said the only time he could see me was 8am-930am Sunday morning.  You see, he oversees some of the leader development at EC and was meeting with the leaders from 730am-8am.  The first service started … Continue reading

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