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Secondary Learning

As the group stood up and started singing, it was obvious that everyone knew the song.  The song was a song about malaria which they had learned from our MT4 players distributed among the Samburu.  They said it was one of their favorites and that everyone in the village now knows the song. What is remarkable is that not everyone … Continue reading

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India Project Results

Preliminary data is in from our third party evaluation of our project in Punjab, India.  It appears that we have another project that is showing dramatic shifts in knowledge, attitudes and behavior as a result of our approach to training among oral culture people. –Regarding symptoms of various diseases, we saw shifts from 8% of people understanding certain symptoms before … Continue reading

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Kenya Third-party Evaluation

Calvin Edwards and Company (Atlanta, GA) completed their evaluation of our project among the Samburu people in northwest Kenya. Their conclusion: “The project was highly successful.  Both men and women listened to the MT4 players and learned from the messages.  Knowledge, attitudes, and behavior showed remarkable changes.” Calvin Edwards and Company identified several success factors: 1.  The MT4 players were … Continue reading

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Let me sing you a song…

“What did you think about the new movie last night?” “Well, I can’t say exactly, so let me sing you a song and perform a drama to answer your question.” That exchange probably would never happen in America (unless you are acting in the latest High School Musical movie), but it is what happened to us recently in northwest Kenya. … Continue reading

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First Ever T4 Global Camel Race Smackdown

On the same grounds as the famous annual Maralal Camel Race, we had our first ever T4 Global Camel Race Smackdown.  Todd Nichols (with Calvin Edwards and Co) led for most of the race.  Kyle and I attempted several times to over power him, but got forced back into single file line when the trail narrowed.  Tim Hughes (with Barnhart … Continue reading

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Partners in Yei Sudan

Meet Lomoro and Reagan with Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Yei, Sudan.  Lomoro and Reagan will be taking the lead for EPC with our expanded project in Southern Sudan.  I am currently in Yei with Bruce Lowe from Stonegate Fellowship Church (Midland, TX) and the EPC leadership planning the next phase of the MT4 project to place about 10,000 MT4 … Continue reading

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Planning meeting Yei Sudan

Planning with Bishop Elias Taban and some members of the EPC leadership team.  

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Southern Sudan

[youtube=]Recently Bishop Elias Taban was interviewed describing the incredible impact of the T4 Global project in Southern Sudan. Our pilot project placed 500 MT4 mobile schools in Central Equatorial State. Bishop Taban calls the MT4 project “one of the most successful projects ever done in Southern Sudan.” Bishop Taban wants MT4 devices on the ground in all 10 states in … Continue reading

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Eating at Hogwarts

Okay, the picture is not the best.  As great at the iPhone is, it doesn’t take good pictures, particular at night.  While attending the Skoll World Forum in Oxford England, I was invited to eat at the Keble College dinning hall.  It was the first choice for Hogwarts, but Kelbe College declined…Kings College dining hall was used instead.   The … Continue reading

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Nepal Partnership

A new partnership is formed!  T4 Global cannot be effective in and will not work in a country without good indigenous partners.  We really don’t implement “T4 Global” projects…we help our indigenous partners implement their projects to help their communities.   True Neighbor Nepal (TNN) and Himalayan United Christian Fellowship Nepal (HUCFN) are two of our partners implementing training initiatives … Continue reading

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