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India needs our prayers

“Today our whole nation is in deep mourn because a 23 years old medical student raped 13 days ago and today she passed away,” Satish typed in a skype chat conversation he and I were having this morning. Satish lives in northwest India. He is one of the language managers helping oversee audio recordings in several languages. Gaddi is his … Continue reading

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Into the Fire

Above you can see the burned remains of a Bible school in North Africa.  During my recent trip to the area, pastors walked me through buildings burned, bulldozed churches, and the tortured conditions of life as an evangelical Christian in North Africa. Through the tears and pain, the pastors shared with me the good news of our program among leaders … Continue reading

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What happens when we admit Failure?

I have always been captivated by the fact that Jesus’ first instruction to his audience when preaching the gospel was “Repent!” (Mark 1:15).  “Repent” is not a word often used in common contemporary English. Worse still, I’m afraid it’s not a word we use enough in the contemporary church either.  From the beginning, turn from our failures and missteps has … Continue reading

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Discipleship means showing up

Monday mornings generally mark the start of a new work week, and for me, that means a very early morning at the gym.  We meet, we pray, and we hit it hard.  Our small group builds accountability, discipline, and strength.  We set goals to increase a healthy dose of spiritual, emotional, and physical strength, and in order to enjoy it all, … Continue reading

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Stories, stories, everywhere!

Sunday, August 7, I was in Matthews, NC to see Pat Murdock at Elevation Church.  Pat had agreed to meet with me that weekend, but said the only time he could see me was 8am-930am Sunday morning.  You see, he oversees some of the leader development at EC and was meeting with the leaders from 730am-8am.  The first service started … Continue reading

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Trust and teamwork

Last week we were in Peru, Ind., with our grandkids. My mother grew up and is buried near the city that has continued its long tradition as the Circus Capital by holding the Peru Amateur Circus every summer. We were fortunate to be there during circus week to see the show. (You can visit to read  more about what … Continue reading

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Cross-cultural Shepherding with a Timeline

An early employee used this description one time when asked what we did in ministry. It’s not terribly informative to others, but for those of us on the team at T4 Global, it does resonate in our hearts.  In many ways, our work is complex.  We seek to enable indigenous leaders to be even more effective at developing communication strategies … Continue reading

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My name is Ed Weaver and I am technically the leader of the band of brothers and sisters that make up T4 Global.  By way of introduction, I am from a background of business – mostly in technology, such as software and hardware product management, business development and sales/marketing.  I think like an entrepreneur and sometimes act like one too. … Continue reading

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A Story of the Samburu

A story from Pastor Simon Mwaura, Executive Director of God’s Grace for All Nations, our lead partner in Kenya: “The reason why the Gospel did not penetrate the Samburu people [originally] is because the first missionaries used the wrong approach. They maintained that for one to be considered a follower of Christ, he/she must abandon his/her culture, and dress like … Continue reading

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Worldview, Multiple Languages, and Scale

This trip to India has been fantastic – but it also presents some interesting challenges for our organization.  First, we have a broad range of backgrounds involved in the program – some have been believers for a long time, some are relatively new to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  As usual, it can be difficult (as it is … Continue reading

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