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A Story of the Samburu

A story from Pastor Simon Mwaura, Executive Director of God’s Grace for All Nations, our lead partner in Kenya: “The reason why the Gospel did not penetrate the Samburu people [originally] is because the first missionaries used the wrong approach. They maintained that for one to be considered a follower of Christ, he/she must abandon his/her culture, and dress like … Continue reading

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Well – Ed Weaver and JR Whitby have been to Nigeria and back; Mark Overstreet and board member Bruce Lowe have been to Kenya and back.  The Nigeria trip was to wrap up some details relative to Phase I and to begin kicking off Phase II of continued evangelism and outreach in the northern states. Additional partners to expand the … Continue reading

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Samburu Pastor Training

Meet Pastor Nicholas.  Pastor Nicholas is a typical Samburu pastor.  One year ago, his church was small and struggling.  They met under a tree and wondered how much longer this particular work could continue. Last July, the MT4 project came to Nicholas’ church.  In a 3-month period, 400 Samburu who were not followers of Jesus, became followers of Jesus.  His … Continue reading

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An Historic Occasion

75 years ago, the Rev. R.R. Brown began the Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference. Dr. Brown was a radio preacher of some renown, and since Omaha in August is oppressively hot, the folks at WOW radio had an idea. What if Dr. Brown did 10 days of a conference that could be carried over live radio? And, what if … Continue reading

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Samburu Partner Meeting

Recently, a group of ministries working among the Samburu gathered for a meeting at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. Present were representatives from Water Missions International, Global X (NPCC), the Mission Society and T4 Global. The topic: how can we integrate and work strategically to take the gospel to this least-reached people group? When asked for a summary … Continue reading

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Secondary Learning

As the group stood up and started singing, it was obvious that everyone knew the song.  The song was a song about malaria which they had learned from our MT4 players distributed among the Samburu.  They said it was one of their favorites and that everyone in the village now knows the song. What is remarkable is that not everyone … Continue reading

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Emerging Trends from our Evaluations

We are starting to see trends emerge from our evaluations across different countries and contexts, from Nepal and India to Sudan and Kenya: 1.  People are listening to our training content again and again. 2.  People are listening in groups. 3.  People are memorizing the stories and the songs. 4.  People are discussing the content with others. Here is some … Continue reading

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Kenya Third-party Evaluation

Calvin Edwards and Company (Atlanta, GA) completed their evaluation of our project among the Samburu people in northwest Kenya. Their conclusion: “The project was highly successful.  Both men and women listened to the MT4 players and learned from the messages.  Knowledge, attitudes, and behavior showed remarkable changes.” Calvin Edwards and Company identified several success factors: 1.  The MT4 players were … Continue reading

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A New Church

Meet Pastor Kennedy and the folks in Naibor Keju.  3 1/2 months ago, there were no followers of Jesus in this village.  Now, there is a church of 100 folks, 65 of whom have been baptized in the past 2 months.  Pastor Kennedy was one of our distributors, and used the MT4 device to help him in his church planting.  … Continue reading

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The T-Willy Preaching Model

Our methodology of taking training to oral-culture learners doesn’t just have application for the MT4 device.  One of our partners in Samburu, Pastor Wilfred, has discovered another way to put orality into play in his ministry.  A bit of background information would probably be helpful. Our Kenyan pastors, much like their American counterparts, have certain preachers they like and emulate.  … Continue reading

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