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Boko Haram–Problem or Solution?

  Recent News: Nigeria braces for escalation in terrorist attacks (HT: JRW) There is a problem in Nigeria. For some, Boko Haram is the problem.  For others, Boko Haram is the solution. I was recently in Nigeria, both in the highly “Christian” south, and also in the highly “Muslim” north.  Let me share a few thoughts on the recent global news of … Continue reading

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We are at War. Pray for us.

Stonings, burning of buildings, and escalating violence in the capital city have marked the new strife between the two countries embattled. My brothers are at war.  They live in a country at war.  I want to hear their voices. I want to hear if their families are safe.  I want to hear the truth.  Since the leader declared war yesterday, … Continue reading

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The challenge of translation

It’s not an easy task — communicating the Gospel accurately in languages where Bible translations aren’t available for church planters. Continue reading

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For His Pleasure

It is our joy to become a part of the T4Global team and as such we’re the new kids on the block with T4Global, but not new to the work in general. My name is Durk Meijer and I am married to Sandy. Together we have five lovely arrows in our quiver and we have been serving with Wycliffe Bible … Continue reading

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Training vs. Programs

I was at a conference recently where I got asked a question that I’ve heard many times.  ”How do you do your training?”  My response – “Well, we  really don’t do ‘trainings’ – at least the way most people mean them.”  You see, many folks in the orality space travel around the world to train others on storytelling.  We would … Continue reading

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Worldview, Multiple Languages, and Scale

This trip to India has been fantastic – but it also presents some interesting challenges for our organization.  First, we have a broad range of backgrounds involved in the program – some have been believers for a long time, some are relatively new to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  As usual, it can be difficult (as it is … Continue reading

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Punjabi Distribution

On June 2nd, 80 pastors met in Ferojpur, Punjab, India as part of the Good Shephard Community Church network ( a ministry of OM India) to receive the T4 Global MT4 kits to use as a ministry tool to reach those people in their communities who can’t, don’t or won’t read. We received pictures of these just yesterday – so … Continue reading

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Southern Sudan

[youtube=]Recently Bishop Elias Taban was interviewed describing the incredible impact of the T4 Global project in Southern Sudan. Our pilot project placed 500 MT4 mobile schools in Central Equatorial State. Bishop Taban calls the MT4 project “one of the most successful projects ever done in Southern Sudan.” Bishop Taban wants MT4 devices on the ground in all 10 states in … Continue reading

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SOS Audio

We just launched SOS Audio as a new initiative to promote the needs of programs in 5 countries that we’ve highlighted.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of countries we’re working in, but it’s a start!

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