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What happens when we admit Failure?

I have always been captivated by the fact that Jesus’ first instruction to his audience when preaching the gospel was “Repent!” (Mark 1:15).  “Repent” is not a word often used in common contemporary English. Worse still, I’m afraid it’s not a word we use enough in the contemporary church either.  From the beginning, turn from our failures and missteps has … Continue reading

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Moving Fast

June has been a month of busy-ness already.  Tim and Susie Brown have joined us from Scriptures in Use, and Mark Overstreet, PhD has joined us to head up pastor/leader training and provide leadership in strategy and development.  Already with us in an increasing capacity has been JR Whitby, former CEO of Gospel Communications, currently overseeing three programs and soon … Continue reading

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Secondary Learning

As the group stood up and started singing, it was obvious that everyone knew the song.  The song was a song about malaria which they had learned from our MT4 players distributed among the Samburu.  They said it was one of their favorites and that everyone in the village now knows the song. What is remarkable is that not everyone … Continue reading

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Emerging Trends from our Evaluations

We are starting to see trends emerge from our evaluations across different countries and contexts, from Nepal and India to Sudan and Kenya: 1.  People are listening to our training content again and again. 2.  People are listening in groups. 3.  People are memorizing the stories and the songs. 4.  People are discussing the content with others. Here is some … Continue reading

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India Project Results

Preliminary data is in from our third party evaluation of our project in Punjab, India.  It appears that we have another project that is showing dramatic shifts in knowledge, attitudes and behavior as a result of our approach to training among oral culture people. –Regarding symptoms of various diseases, we saw shifts from 8% of people understanding certain symptoms before … Continue reading

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Kenya Third-party Evaluation

Calvin Edwards and Company (Atlanta, GA) completed their evaluation of our project among the Samburu people in northwest Kenya. Their conclusion: “The project was highly successful.  Both men and women listened to the MT4 players and learned from the messages.  Knowledge, attitudes, and behavior showed remarkable changes.” Calvin Edwards and Company identified several success factors: 1.  The MT4 players were … Continue reading

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