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Of Wind and Life

Many of my friends have asked “What did you learn spiritually from your coast-to-coast ride on your bicycle?”.  Great question. The answer wasn’t as evident in the moment on the ride, but I would get glimpses of it as I went along. A few weeks after returning, it was as evident as the heat of Texas in the summertime. From … Continue reading

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Church Planting in Bihar, India

Our partner in Bihar is New India Evangelistic Association – NIEA.  Dr. Alex Philip is the leader of that ministry and has become a good friend over the past few years.  This past week, he sent a report for our review that detailed some of the outcomes of our joint work with them in the six primary languages of the … Continue reading

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The Whole Counsel of God, Part II

A few months ago, I heard about Music Inspired by The Story.  I immediately bought it via iTunes, accidentally saw The Story Tour while in Grand Rapids in December (I should say unexpectedly), bought DVDs for my entire team here at T4 Global and have listened to the Music almost every day since. I’ve been touched by Nichole Nordeman’s ability … Continue reading

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Challenges of translation

Two funny stories illustrate the challenges of translation when speaking to a crowd that doesn’t share your mother tongue. It’s stories like these that reinforce the great need for the accurate mother-tongue tellings of Scripture and social development information that T4 Global mother-tongue translation teams are working to develop. When translations are recorded and CHECKED the result is accurate communication … Continue reading

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Stories, stories, everywhere!

Sunday, August 7, I was in Matthews, NC to see Pat Murdock at Elevation Church.  Pat had agreed to meet with me that weekend, but said the only time he could see me was 8am-930am Sunday morning.  You see, he oversees some of the leader development at EC and was meeting with the leaders from 730am-8am.  The first service started … Continue reading

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The 3rd Dimension of Orality Ministry

One of the big challenges in any ministry is how information becomes transformational, rather than just transmissional.  How is the information going to be easily remembered and therefore easily shared?  How does information go “viral”?  Additionally, when the information goes “viral”, then how do you control the accuracy? These are some of the daily issues we work to address at … Continue reading

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Losing One’s Head

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christianity Today’s post yesterday regarding TOM’s founder, Blake Mycoskie and his apology to gay’s and lesbians over his appearance at a Focus on the Family event. I believe there are moments that can define a person’s life and Blake may have just defined his. This has caused me to recall the incredible story of … Continue reading

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Cross-cultural Shepherding with a Timeline

An early employee used this description one time when asked what we did in ministry. It’s not terribly informative to others, but for those of us on the team at T4 Global, it does resonate in our hearts.  In many ways, our work is complex.  We seek to enable indigenous leaders to be even more effective at developing communication strategies … Continue reading

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My name is Ed Weaver and I am technically the leader of the band of brothers and sisters that make up T4 Global.  By way of introduction, I am from a background of business – mostly in technology, such as software and hardware product management, business development and sales/marketing.  I think like an entrepreneur and sometimes act like one too. … Continue reading

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Training vs. Programs

I was at a conference recently where I got asked a question that I’ve heard many times.  “How do you do your training?”  My response – “Well, we  really don’t do ‘trainings’ – at least the way most people mean them.”  You see, many folks in the orality space travel around the world to train others on storytelling.  We would … Continue reading

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