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Fred's Church

When Fred stopped and talked with me, particularly after he told me that he was a Christian, I asked him where his church was. He pointed into a field and this tree and said “there is my church”. ‘Nuf said.

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My New Friend

Fred is unemployed here in Samburu and came to talk with us when he saw that we were working in his “neighborhood”. Fred came up to our vehicle and said “hi – my name is Fred and I’m a believer in Jesus”. We had a long conversation about the Samburu culture and how not many will come to church. His … Continue reading

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Local Samburu Children

Local Samburu Children Originally uploaded by t4global How beautiful are these children? They are standing at the door of their 3-room house which is probably 10×10 ft. Believe it or not, I stooped through the door they are standing in front of and was able to go inside and sit with the grandmother to see their living conditions. The goats … Continue reading

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Pastor James' Church

Pastor James’ Church Originally uploaded by t4global Outside of Maralal, in Northern Kenya, while doing a pre-program survey, we stop at this church in the Village. The surveyors are out in the huts asking questions of the local people to find out what they know and comprehend prior to rolling out the project giving them life saving information – both … Continue reading

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99+1 Originally uploaded by t4global This is where the animals stay at night in this Samburu village outside of Maralal, Kenya. It seems to be a great visual of scripture in real life. Notice that there are no animals in during the day – they’re out doing what they were made to do. Are we?

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A Night of Hope

A Night of Hope Originally uploaded by t4global Pastor Simon, one of the leaders we partner with in Kenya, shares with us what is happening in his country.

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Our partner in Hong Kong

  Our partner in Hong Kong Originally uploaded by t4global Matthew Wong and his lovely family. Mattew has faithfully served for 2.5 years as our feet on the ground with our technology manufacturers in China. We couldn’t do what we do without him!  From left to right – Yoku, Sakurako, Matthew, Momoko, and yours truly.

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All You Ever Need in a Hotel Room

  All You Ever Need in a Hotel Room Originally uploaded by t4global Here in China, apparently, one needs a gas mask…..I found this in the bottom of the close closet in a hotel in Shenzhen, China.  Having been there many times, one has been in each room, so I know it’s standard fare at this property. Just a little … Continue reading

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What a Load!

  What a Load! Originally uploaded by t4global In Nepal, you see many examples of hard work and of course, we’ve all heard the stories of Sherpas and porters as to how they carry heavy loads – but it seemed that my camera was never available when I saw these amazing feats of human strength and determination. That is until … Continue reading

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OM India – Lucknow Offices

I’m not sure you could call Lucknow a quaint town, but in the old section, it is quaint. This is where OM India has their offices in North Central India. It’s walking distance from the hotel where they put up their guests and is a great compound for offices, training, and dormitories. It’s a little oasis away from the poverty … Continue reading

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