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Kambari People of Nigeria Expecting Good Good News

The Kambari people of northwestern Nigeria are about as remote, suppressed and without hope as anyone on the planet. While those pictured here are “fully clad”, most object to wearing anything resembling outsiders – or anything at all. The most educated have attended some schooling (less than 3% literate) and five have begun to learn how to read. The elderly … Continue reading

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Uncle Jesus

Derek Eggers is at work with the Nigerian International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) HIV/AIDS Program Director, Bola Lawal. His name among the Nigerian students is now Uncle Jesus – for obvious reasons. He could easily be cast for the next Jesus epoch for the big screen, and the Nigerians love him. Derek’s work with Bola will evaluate the effectiveness … Continue reading

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Waiting for Good News

The women of Pram Pram live from the proceeds of the fishing harvest. When the men cannot get enough income the women must resort to anything that can bring income for their children. Therefore, HIV/AIDS is a growing problem, and the Anglican Church of West Africa is beginning an effort to reach these people with good news that HIV can … Continue reading

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