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When worldview doesn’t change

An example of what happens when a culture’s worldview doesn’t value men and women the same way God values us — female genocide. Continue reading

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Reports from Bihar

“The Audio Bible was distributed and Angika speaking people listened to the songs, drama and God’s word and were very happy to receive the information regarding God and his Word. Through the Audio Bible, 5 families have accepted the Lord and they are attending the church too.” Continue reading

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That all may hear

A few years ago I was in a car crossing a long bridge over the Son River in Bihar, India, west Patna, the state’s capital. The Son River is the largest of the Ganges’ southern tributaries and there was plenty of time to watch what was going on below. I saw these people on a sand bar and couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Happiness is hearing

I can’t speak for everyone but my experience is that hearing someone speak my language when I’m surrounded by folks speaking other languages quickly grabs my attention. So I can understand the broad smiles that come when folks hear recordings of Scripture stories for the first time in their own language. Especially when their language is a minority language not … Continue reading

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Was the battery really dead?

I drive an older pickup truck, 179,000 miles (264,463 kilometers) but running well most days. On the way today to attend a city-wide meeting about Streetlight Tucson ( and efforts to eradicate human trafficking in our city, my truck stalled in the middle of a busy street. The battery wouldn’t re-start the engine. CLICK CLICK CLICK ……not a VOOM VOOM VOOM to … Continue reading

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Technology changing things

Technology is changing how people around the world hear, read and consider the Good News! For more than 4 Billion people in the world who are oral learners, the Bible is being recorded in many languages and distributed using various technologies to play the recordings. Oral learners are people who haven’t learned to read AND people who have learned to … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership

There’s a lot written these days about servant leadership. Many opinions of what this means. For me, servant leadership requires knowing when to lead with passion and when to serve with just as much passion. My observation is that some “servant leaders” are quick to lead with passion and strength…. but when it’s their time to serve or follow, they … Continue reading

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Challenges of translation

Two funny stories illustrate the challenges of translation when speaking to a crowd that doesn’t share your mother tongue. It’s stories like these that reinforce the great need for the accurate mother-tongue tellings of Scripture and social development information that T4 Global mother-tongue translation teams are working to develop. When translations are recorded and CHECKED the result is accurate communication … Continue reading

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The power of small

This morning I’m reminded of the power of small. It’s been cold at night in Tucson and recently the furnace began some new noises. I decided to investigate before calling my friend who fixes furnaces. This morning I disconnected the flue to look down into the blower cage where the noise was coming from – that’s where the small blower … Continue reading

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Hearts in rhythm?

Listening to free internet radio Christmas morning here in Tucson while the house is still quiet I’ve heard a public service health ad about the importance of our physical hearts being in rhythm a couple of times now. I learned our hearts can beat out of rhythm and we might not realize that’s what’s slowing us down — keeping us … Continue reading

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