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GoTeam Cycling Update – Week 3

For you cycling data fans, here is a breakdown of what has happened as of the end of Week 3:

Miles:  440.5                                               Miles to date: 1,463.2

Climbing:  21,371 ft                                   Total Climbing: 58,936 ft

Hours on the bike:  46 hours 41 min    Total Hours on the bike: 133.5

We’re now in Pueblo, CO having finished the Rockies yesterday, even though the Rockies try to finish us with a huge storm.  Coming down the mountain from Ute Pass into Colorado Springs on Hwy 24 we were completely soaked and freezing cold – 39 MPH when you’re wet will do that to you :-).

An interesting factoid about the climbing this week is that we climbed 3,000 more feet in the first week than we did this week. But, the difference is that we were typically at 2-3,000 ft of elevation the first week and this week we were over 5,000 ft above sea level at all times and maxed out at 12,126 at Cottonwood Pass when we were traveling from Gunnison, CO to Buena Vista, CO. That was certainly a highlight, particularly since the last 3,000 ft of climbing was on a gravel road that we though would be paved!




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