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From Ocean to Ocean – Ben Hale, GoTeam Driver

We asked Ben Hale and Dave Kenaga to write a post from their perspective of driver/support personnel for T4 Global’s GoTeam.  Today, you get served Ben’s perspective – tomorrow, you will hear from Dave. We hope you enjoy!

From Ocean to Ocean
Four completely different hair styles and four very different people making their way together from ocean to ocean. Thin hair, thick hair,  burr cut, and a pseudo Einstein cut but all with one mind — help bring the good news to oral learners across the world. One purpose and traveling through gorgeous landscapes and brilliant blue skies that show God’s handiwork. One day started in Dalhart, Texas on our way up to the Northwest coast. Soon after getting on the road, we had our first glimpse of snow capped mountains like a fuzzy white mustache on a face of blue sky.  We drove north for a long time with little peeks at the snow every now and then. We climbed higher and higher ’til there were no trees but thick banks of snow in shady places. Antelope rested in the open range, each member facing in a different direction oblivious to the myriad 18 wheeled trucks passing on the road. Not unlike the majority of the world who can’t or won’t read are oblivious to anything more than ten miles away.

Two drivers take turns driving a fifteen passenger car which is towing a medium sized trailer leapfrogging with the two bicycles. There are all kinds of roads. Looking through the windshield of the car, the road seems flat until I notice the bicycle riders are peddling slowly in a low gear. Other times they seem be almost flying their feet perfectly still. There are all kinds of places to stay. People see us and want to know, “Where are you going? Where are you from? Why are you doing this? What on earth is T4 GoTeam? They listen. They are truly interested. They respond, “That’s cool.” “Wow!” “There are a lot of cyclists that come through here. I’ve never heard of anything like what you are doing.” “Can I follow you online?” So it goes, day to day, mile for mile, up hill and down, and person to person making our way from ocean to ocean.

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