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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Learning from an oral learner

We all start life as oral learners. When we’re in Tucson I’m fortunate to have our 5-year-old grandson, Julian, at the house a lot. He’s always helping me better understand oral learners. This week he was watching the Bee Movie when I walked into the room. “How big is the head of a pin?” Julian asked. “Very small.” “So a … Continue reading

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Tell the Truth, or else…

“Everyone lies. The only variable is about what,” repeats a famous fictitious doctor who explains why diseases can be so difficult to diagnose.  Symptoms, causes, effects—all of the descriptive content of every disorder must flow through the oral filter of the patient, who may or may not be ready to disclose every detail. When is the last time you lied? … Continue reading

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7’6” – Yes – Size 18

When I lived in Tulsa Oklahoma 25 years ago I had season tickets to watch the local college basketball team. They had a skinny player one year who was something like 7’6” tall. I do not remember his name but I believe he was the tallest player in college basketball that year. He had a t-shirt made that said “7’6” … Continue reading

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Trust and teamwork

Last week we were in Peru, Ind., with our grandkids. My mother grew up and is buried near the city that has continued its long tradition as the Circus Capital by holding the Peru Amateur Circus every summer. We were fortunate to be there during circus week to see the show. (You can visit to read  more about what … Continue reading

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Love like that

A financial advice newsletter I was reading this morning said that nothing happens until you get off the couch and do something. That’s true whether you are getting your financial house in order or starting a diet or exercise program or almost any good thing in life. You cannot just sit and do nothing and expect positive things to happen. … Continue reading

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The 3rd Dimension of Orality Ministry

One of the big challenges in any ministry is how information becomes transformational, rather than just transmissional.  How is the information going to be easily remembered and therefore easily shared?  How does information go “viral”?  Additionally, when the information goes “viral”, then how do you control the accuracy? These are some of the daily issues we work to address at … Continue reading

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Heading the right direction?

Flying from Tucson to Indianapolis this week I found it interesting that our granddaughter, 11, was very interested in using a compass application on my phone. She set it on her armrest and checked frequently to make sure the pilots was flying the plane east toward Indiana where her cousins, aunts and uncles live. Today I discovered there’s a compass … Continue reading

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The grandkids are coming! The grandkids are coming!

Our 3 oldest grandchildren are coming for a visit today. My wife and I can hardly wait. After seeing them several times a week for the 15 years they lived nearby, they moved last summer to our son-in-law’s hometown on the other side of the country. Phone calls, email, Facebook and Skype video help us keep up with their lives … Continue reading

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Losing One’s Head

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christianity Today’s post yesterday regarding TOM’s founder, Blake Mycoskie and his apology to gay’s and lesbians over his appearance at a Focus on the Family event. I believe there are moments that can define a person’s life and Blake may have just defined his. This has caused me to recall the incredible story of … Continue reading

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For His Pleasure

It is our joy to become a part of the T4Global team and as such we’re the new kids on the block with T4Global, but not new to the work in general. My name is Durk Meijer and I am married to Sandy. Together we have five lovely arrows in our quiver and we have been serving with Wycliffe Bible … Continue reading

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