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Monthly Archives: March 2011

A Story of the Samburu

A story from Pastor Simon Mwaura, Executive Director of God’s Grace for All Nations, our lead partner in Kenya: “The reason why the Gospel did not penetrate the Samburu people [originally] is because the first missionaries used the wrong approach. They maintained that for one to be considered a follower of Christ, he/she must abandon his/her culture, and dress like … Continue reading

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Until the Nations have Heard, I’m in…

I’m Mark.  By the grace of God, I love my wife, my family, my neighbor, and the nations. The gospel is central to everything I know and live. I enjoy racing triathlons, reading, listening, and thinking.  Beyond the Bible and theology, I read history, philosophy, and the sciences. I love the arts, good conversation, and a well-developed sense of humor. … Continue reading

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From Musician to Missionary: The Path of a T4 Global Director

God got my attention during a worship service in 2001. A change was coming that would require me to give up serving Him in a music ministry where I had been involved many years as a soloist, musician and ministry assistant. Bobby Michaels, founder of Musicianaries International, asked me to join a team going to Cambodia. For 20 days we … Continue reading

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A Missionary in India: Off the Corporate Ladder and into God’s Kingdom

In Ghana I found growing churches using Scripture stories, songs and dramas in places where years of Western-taught preaching methods had failed. People slept during sermons then woke up when a storyteller began simply telling God’s story. Energized crowds listened, sang, drummed and danced joyfully. Their lives were changing. Continue reading

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When Story is King

Remember that scene from the first fight in “Lord of the Rings”? Sure you do.  If not that one, I’m sure you remember the physiological and psychological effects of the well-crafted, well-told epic. One of the crucial elements of communication includes the ability to transmit a message in a way that the audience can receive it. Fact is, you remember … Continue reading

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