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Monthly Archives: October 2008

A New Church

Meet Pastor Kennedy and the folks in Naibor Keju.  3 1/2 months ago, there were no followers of Jesus in this village.  Now, there is a church of 100 folks, 65 of whom have been baptized in the past 2 months.  Pastor Kennedy was one of our distributors, and used the MT4 device to help him in his church planting.  … Continue reading

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The T-Willy Preaching Model

Our methodology of taking training to oral-culture learners doesn’t just have application for the MT4 device.  One of our partners in Samburu, Pastor Wilfred, has discovered another way to put orality into play in his ministry.  A bit of background information would probably be helpful. Our Kenyan pastors, much like their American counterparts, have certain preachers they like and emulate.  … Continue reading

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Let me sing you a song…

“What did you think about the new movie last night?” “Well, I can’t say exactly, so let me sing you a song and perform a drama to answer your question.” That exchange probably would never happen in America (unless you are acting in the latest High School Musical movie), but it is what happened to us recently in northwest Kenya. … Continue reading

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First Ever T4 Global Camel Race Smackdown

On the same grounds as the famous annual Maralal Camel Race, we had our first ever T4 Global Camel Race Smackdown.  Todd Nichols (with Calvin Edwards and Co) led for most of the race.  Kyle and I attempted several times to over power him, but got forced back into single file line when the trail narrowed.  Tim Hughes (with Barnhart … Continue reading

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International Orality Network Annual Conference in Dallas

Ed Weaver and Chuck Madinger recently participated in the  International Orality Network annual conference in Dallas, TX.  The conference gathers ministries, businesses and vendors that specialize in reaching oral cultures with Good News.  Ed serves on the Executive Committee of ION and chairs the Communications Task Force that posts a great website.  (check it out:, and Chuck sits on … Continue reading

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