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Monthly Archives: June 2008


We had dinner one night as a team in Maralal (actually, more like every night).  Pastor James, his wife Veronica and their two boys joined us.  Simon, the youngest, is a true Samburu.  The boy can eat some goat.  As I took this picture, his mouth was full of goat, and his face smeared with grease and grape Fanta.

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Just call me "Lakyle".

I like the Samburu.  They like to wear red, herd cattle and can eat their weight in meat.  As I’ve said before, it reminds me of Nebraska. When we launched our listening groups in Samburu, we went first to the village of Nkeju Muny (or The Rhino’s Leg).  We were invited to stay for goat that had been roasted in … Continue reading

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One Happy Dude

To get the MT4 kits ready, every chip, battery, device has to be tested.  Once we’re good to go, the real work begins.  500 devices have to be delivered to villages and entrusted to folks who are known by our target audience. In Kenya, we are using churches as our main distribution network.  To help with logistics, North Point Church … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Sight

What we do sounds really cool to most folks – in fact, a high school classmate of mine called it “noble”.  Some of what we do is just getting the job done, not so much cool or noble, but necessary.  Pastors Henry, Simon, James, our inn keeper Mrungi, and I unloaded 500 solar cells and put them out to charge.  … Continue reading

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Downtown Ouga

The view from my hotel room of Ouagadougou (WAH-gah-DOO-goo) the capital of Burkina Faso. Reminded me of Accra, except flatter and the food is better. A word to the wise: stay away from the Bleu Cheese. The good folks at Purdue University are working on a four-stage protocol to protect cow peas (we’d call them black-eyed peas) from Maruca vitrata, … Continue reading

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Punjabi Distribution

On June 2nd, 80 pastors met in Ferojpur, Punjab, India as part of the Good Shephard Community Church network ( a ministry of OM India) to receive the T4 Global MT4 kits to use as a ministry tool to reach those people in their communities who can’t, don’t or won’t read. We received pictures of these just yesterday – so … Continue reading

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Partners in Yei Sudan

Meet Lomoro and Reagan with Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Yei, Sudan.  Lomoro and Reagan will be taking the lead for EPC with our expanded project in Southern Sudan.  I am currently in Yei with Bruce Lowe from Stonegate Fellowship Church (Midland, TX) and the EPC leadership planning the next phase of the MT4 project to place about 10,000 MT4 … Continue reading

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Planning meeting Yei Sudan

Planning with Bishop Elias Taban and some members of the EPC leadership team.  

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Nurturing World Christians

As a boy I had a love/hate relationship with the High School football season.  My dad was the head football coach at our local high school, and I was a practice rat.  I would crank through my paper route as fast as my Schwinn Sting Ray would take me and then I was off to the practice field to watch, … Continue reading

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Our Technology

The Gadget. The Gizmo. The Poor Man’s iPod. The SOS audio player. Our basic technology platform is known by many names, and that’s just fine with us. We could not do what we do without the MT4 players, yet it is not ultimately what we do. Perhaps a word of explanation is order. Technology is always changing. Ask anyone who … Continue reading

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