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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Eating at Hogwarts

Okay, the picture is not the best.  As great at the iPhone is, it doesn’t take good pictures, particular at night.  While attending the Skoll World Forum in Oxford England, I was invited to eat at the Keble College dinning hall.  It was the first choice for Hogwarts, but Kelbe College declined…Kings College dining hall was used instead.   The … Continue reading

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What a Load!

  What a Load! Originally uploaded by t4global In Nepal, you see many examples of hard work and of course, we’ve all heard the stories of Sherpas and porters as to how they carry heavy loads – but it seemed that my camera was never available when I saw these amazing feats of human strength and determination. That is until … Continue reading

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OM India – Lucknow Offices

I’m not sure you could call Lucknow a quaint town, but in the old section, it is quaint. This is where OM India has their offices in North Central India. It’s walking distance from the hotel where they put up their guests and is a great compound for offices, training, and dormitories. It’s a little oasis away from the poverty … Continue reading

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Tales from the Road

Did you know that a Macbook Pro on battery power has enough illumination to get ready at 530am in the complete dark in Northeastern Bangladesh when the power goes out in a storm? That includes packing the suitcase and computer case. I can’t think of anything I forgot…..

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