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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Mao's Restaurant

Mao’s Restaurant Originally uploaded by t4global The Mao family restaurant certainly had good food, but frankly it was a bit strange to see the honoring of a man who we have considered controversial at best and responsible for the opression and deaths of many, at worst.

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Home of our SD Cards

Home of our SD Cards Originally uploaded by t4global In case you’d like to see some of the places where we buy our technology, this is the SD card manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. Most of the workers are at lunch, but there are a few still here on this shift.

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Sunday Morning Sunshine

Sunday Morning Sunshine Originally uploaded by t4global As we were driving 4 hours northeast out of Dhaka, I was struck by the absolute beauty of the fog hanging over the rice paddies.

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TWR and T4G Make Plans for the Future

TWR and T4G Make Plans for the Future Originally uploaded by t4global What a way to begin the year – laying out plans with new partners! Pictured from left – Kyle McLellan (T4G), Pete McLain (CEO of T4G), Tom Tatlow (Trans World Radio), and Tom Watkins (Trans World Radio). Mozambique and Indonesia, here we come!

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